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I hereby give permission to videotape my face, voice and likeness to Producer, Genie Joseph, Hawaii Movie Studios, Act Resilient and ARMY TV Military Channel to record and broadcast in any and all media, including the world-wide web.  I also give permission to use the footage in whole or in part for any promotional material, still photos, documentary, print media, the web, schools, publication or educational, news segments, or broadcast on other military and commercial networks.  I understand the Act Resilient TV may appear under another name, be edited or exhibited on any and all media worldwide.  I hereby grant these rights to Producer Genie Joseph in perpetuity.

If talent is under age eighteen, this will be signed by parent or guardian.

PRINT NAME _________________________________

Date ____________2011

Parent’s Name

Child’s Age ________



E-Mail _______________________________________________

Phone _______________ Cell ___________________

If signing online, e-mail This Release to:

Act Resilient

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