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Relationship Advice & Coaching:


Helpful Articles for Returning Warriors and their Families 

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Improvisational Comedy Lessons

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Quick De-Stress Technique:

Do this three times a day or more.

Watch this BodyTalk Video and Do It Yourself!

Tapping - Your Cortices


For More Information on a technique to help with all PTSD symptoms, read this manual for EFT.

EFT Manual 


Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

800-273-TALK or 800-273-8255

Press #1 for Veterans

Chat Live or online counseling

Suicide Warning Signs

How to Respond to Suicidal Person


Military Resources

Military One Source (24 hours) 800-342-9647

Resources at Schofield Army base in Hawaii

Army Community Service (808) 655-4227

Soldier Family Assistance Center  -- Hawaii

Marriage and Family Therapy Center


Active Duty – Soldier Assistance


Adult Family Members Assistance Center


Child and Adolescent Assistance Center



Suicide Warning Signs

How to Respond to Suicidal Person