Act Resilient




Tripler Army Base - Hawaii

“Ever since the first day of class I’ve just become a whole new person.  My wife, friends, co-workers all say that they have seen a great change in my personality.  I want to thank you, Genie for taking me out of my comfort zone.  This class made me feel and live life on a whole new level.”

“This class really helped me handle my stress load.  Now I have tools that I can use that really work.”

“I would recommend this class to every soldier.  I wish it had been part of boot camp.”

“I I never would have thought that the fun stuff we did, like improv comedy and skits would make so much difference in my life, like at home and at work.  I do it with my kids.”

“I feel like myself again.  I haven’t felt that in a long time.”

“Genie’s class really helped with my focus.  I feel more happy.  And I have been sleeping better at night.”

“This really has been the best class of my life.  There are so many tools that I still use, even six months later.”

“I used to be so shy.  Now I can get into an elevator and make eye contact and smile at strangers.  I learned that in class.  I am not so afraid of new situations.”

“This class really helps you think on your feet.  You learn how to make your brain work faster.  It is like a tune-up from the neck up.”

“You wouldn’t believe how much of a brain work-out this class is.  It jazzes you up, and you feel a new kind of mental acuity.”

Kaneohe Marine Corps Base - Hawaii

“I love this class.  In a way, it might have saved my life.”

“This class teaches you how to be comfortable in your own skin.”

“The memory games were really useful to me.  To learn about cross-brain memory, like how to store it with gestures.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve used that at work since class.”

“The really great thing is you can use what you learn in class to all kinds of social situations, and at work.  I just feel like I have more choices now for how I react to people.”

“I brought my husband to class, and he loved it.  It gave us new ways to communicate.  And we’ve done some of the games with our kids.  They love it.  I just wish there was a Part Two of this class.”

“I like the thing where we learn how to run our own brains.  How to change memories, or at least the way they make you feel.  This makes you feel back in control of your mind again.”

“The best part is how much fun the class was.  We laughed so hard.  It was like the high point of my week, every week.  I wish the class would go on forever.”

“After Genie’s class, I worry less.  I just need to be myself.”

Hickam Air Force Base & Pearl Harbor Naval Station

“I was surprised by how practical it was. The things I learned in class were some of the most useful life skills.  Why didn’t we learn this in high-school?  I don’t think I would have screwed up so much if I had had this outlet.”

“Do whatever you can to get into Miss Genie’s class.  It is the best experience of your life.”

“I learned so much about emotions.  I am not afraid of my emotions any more.  I can use them in class.”

“I was glad my wife came to class.  She had a great time, and she got to see my monologue.  She was really impressed.”

“I really would recommend this class for like building teams.  You bond so fast in this class and really learn to listen and to trust each other.  It happens so fast.”

“I laughed more in this ten week class than I have in my whole life.  They say laughter is healing.  Now I really think that is true.”

“This class got me out of my comfort zone.  It was like my mind was in a box.  And now it’s out.  This is like the healthiest thing I’ve ever done.”

“This class made me a better man.”



The following statements are from students in my Acting Class at Chaminade University on the military bases in Hawaii where the Act Resilient Program was created. 

They are taken from student journal entries.  To protect privacy, they are anonymous.       

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LTC Jim Channon US Army, Retired

General Peter Chiarelli (Ret.)

Army Vice Chief of Staff